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About the Institute of Gerontology / Život 90

The "Institute of Gerontology" is an institution which was founded by the organization ZIVOT90. ZIVOT 90 has more than 20 years of experience providing vocational service to elderly adults. The "Institute of Gerontology" aims to provide vocational research, education and assistance especially to 50 + adults in order to support active ageing. It provides public service focused on the development of life long learning and research in the area of active ageing and ageing society (gerontology, geriatric, rehabilitation). It also provides activity programmes for 50+ adults.

 Thematic Café on “Prague as an Age-friendly City”


To give 50+ citizens the courage to have a voice; to discover the potential of Prague’s 50+ adults; to help them define their active role to create an age-friendly Prague

  • Identify what is needed to make Prague an age-friendly city
  • Collect ideas and suggestions from 50+ adults
  • Explore way for 50+ adults to be an active player in the process to create an age-friendly Prague
  • To select ideas to present to other organizations for collaboration cand/or implementation
  • “Catch the fish not give the fish

Results EVAA Prague Thematic Café (PDF Download, ca. 1.8 MB)

Spirit of the World CaféČesko

Presentation for the Thematic Café

Press Release

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Video Documentation

What does Active Ageing mean to me?
Prague as an Age-Friendly City




EVAA Final report

EVAA Prague Thematic Café (Ĉesko)