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About Innobasque

Innobasque is a private non-profit organization created to coordinate and foster innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in the Basque country. Ageing policies is one specific area which has been identified by Innobasque to develop a leadership position in Europe.

Innobasque aims to achieve this by developing a sustainable model of ageing for older adults aged 50+ to take an active part in society. Innobasque wants to change the public perception of age and ageing and improve well being, life quality and opportunities for economic and social development.

Thematic Café on “Social Innovation and the Role of 50+ Adults”

Enable a shift in mentality about collaboration through a participative process involving an intergenerational audience from diverse sectors of society.


• Discover new opportunities for collaboration between different sectors of society involving 50+ adults
• Recommend concrete actions to foster social innovation
• Create a network of 50 + adults to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration
• Recruit 50 agents (50+ adults) that are actively interested in fostering collaboration
• Replicate same event (5 to 7 times) with quality and autonomously (multiplier effect)

Spirit of the World Café (Video)

Presentation for the Thematic Café

Press Release

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Video Documentation

What does Active Ageing mean to me?
Leadership for Active Ageing
Social Innovation and the Role of 50+ Adults




EVAA Final report

Spanish (Café Temático)
Spanish (EVAA Documento Resumen, PDF 8.0 MB)