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Café Community Forum

A place to share ideas and know-how about the World Café

Conversations about inspiring European World Cafés

World Café Europe inaugurated its 1- day Café Community Forum in Prague (Czech Republic) during the 11th Annual Global Leadership Conference of the International Leadership Association ( Due to the enthusiastic response, the Café Community Forum will be offered on a yearly basis to foster an on-going exchange of ideas about the use of the World Café in Europe.



Over 75 Czech business leaders as well as leadership experts from all over the world joined in conversation about the evolving role of Corporate Social Responsibility in business and society. This World Café was held in the Hhalol Building, one of the “purest and most prominent art nouveau monuments” of its kind in Prague.

This Forum brings individuals and organizations from both the non-profit and for-profit sectors together in an informal setting to discuss issues related to the World Café. Its aim is to build a pan-European community across borders and languages which is interested to inspire positive change in European society through the use of large scale participatory dialogue.

Meet colleagues and make new contacts

The Café Community Forum provides a setting where ideas and know-how can be shared with people from all over Europe. In order to attract participants from a broad spectrum of European society, participation at the Café Community Forum is offered to all interested organizations and individuals at no charge.

Learning from the experiences of others

The Café Community Forum provides a platform to hear stories about inspiring World Cafés. In Prague a Spanish colleague shared the experience and insights about their WOKA project which hosted 121 simultaneous World Cafés with 5,000 people throughout the Basque Country on the current economic crisis. A German colleague explored why a middle-size German company is using the World Café to improve its bottom line as well as shared his insights about the strategic planning process of a World Café in the for-profit sector. Representatives of ILA’s Young People’s Dialogue from the UK and Czech Republic participated in a multi-generational dialogue to reflect upon their use of the World Café and what they have learned about leadership in their own communities.

Will you share your World Café experience at the next Café Community Forum?