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What is the World Café?

A simple yet elegant idea to discuss questions that matter.


Experience the World Café in 1 minute!

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Peter Senge,
author of “The Fifth Discipline”
on the World Café

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In a World Café dialogue, people participate in small intimate conversations at small tables in a relaxed atmosphere similar to a European Coffee house. As the conversation unfolds, people move between groups, cross-pollinating their ideas around questions that really matter to their lives or work.
The network of new connections increases and knowledge sharing grows. The innovative design of World Café fosters shared listening to everyone’s ideas and enables new perspectives to emerge, creating both mutual respect and innovative possibilities for action.

The World Café is an approach for engaging conversations that matter and accessing collective intelligence in groups of all sizes. It originated during a global strategic dialogue focused on the future of the knowledge era hosted by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs in the USA over 10 years ago.

World Café Europe continues to evolve the World Café process through its collaboration with all sectors of society. It has pioneered a city-wide approach to foster dialogue throughout European cities. This success has inspired its on-going efforts to explore innovative approaches which integrate the use of the World Café process.