WCE e.V.

Fostering understanding among countries, regions, cities and neighborhoods throughout Europe about issues that matter to its citizens.

WCE e.V.

World Café Europe e.V. was registered in Munich’s register of associations as a non-profit association in 2007.
Main Office: Munich, Germany VR 200743

World Café Europe e.V. is acknowledged by the German government authorities as a non profit organization.

Profile founders

Both of us have been fortunate to personally know the pioneers of the World Café, Juanita Brown and David Isaacs. Through their generous mentoring, we have gained first-hand insight about the potential of conversation to inspire powerful and positive change in society. World Café Europe was founded to continue this spirit of generosity by transmitting the passion and wisdom of Juanita and David to the next generations of masterful World Café practitioners.

How did Jeffrey Beeson first encounter the World Café?

“My chance encounter with David Isaacs at a SoL (Society of Organizational Learning) Conference was the beginning of my life’s journey with the World Café.  For the years which followed, we would meet regularly at this conference and be in conversation with each other. Initially I only thought about potential of World Café conversations for business. But that all shifted for me when David stopped in Munich for a couple of days while on a trip in Europe. During a walk around an alpine lake on a magnificent fall day, our conversations about the World Café deepened. Later I was kindly invited by David to be part of the planning team for a World Café event that was being planned for a SoL (Society of Organizational Learning) Conference to be held in Vienna. It was here that the idea of founding World Café Europe was born.”

You can contact me at or +49 173 2360340
https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreybeeson/ https://www.xing.com/profile/Jeffrey_Beeson?sc_o=ps2867

How did Patricia Munro get interested in the World Café?

“I originally never had any intentions to get involved with the World Café. But this all changed when the SoL (Society of Organizational Learning) Conference took place in Vienna. I came as a helping hand to “set up the tables” for the World Café event. But fate had other plans for me. Juanita Brown and David Isaacs graciously allowed me to listen in to the preparatory meeting which had a unique and magic quality. This sense of wonder continued during my first World Café experience. Like many others before me, I became hooked to “conversations that matter”. After the end of the World Café in Vienna, someone stood up and suggested that the experience should be repeated on a yearly basis throughout Europe. I immediately realized that I wanted to be part of making this happen. The rest is World Café Europe’s history.”

You can contact me at or +49 172 8613352