Engaging with Dialogue

WCE is constantly pioneering the development of different formats which enable citizens to actively engage with the theme of the use of conversation and dialogue in society.

Engaging with Dialogue

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WCE Community Forum

The WCE Community Forum provides a setting where interested citizens and WCE Friends hear about the latest WCE developments, learn how to get involved and dream together about potential future initiatives to use conversation to shape our future. These Forums provide an intimate environment for approximately 30 to 50 people to be in conversation with each another.

A Festival of Conversation

A Festival of Conversation unites a city or region through a day long celebration of conversations.  Diverse large group conversations are offered in various locations during the day where citizens are invited to participate. WCE’s largest Festival of Conversation to date: 11 conversations on one day with over 800 participants!

WCE European Gathering

WCE’s European Gathering offers an opportunity for people who are passionate about a specific issue that matters to gather from all over Europe in one location. This setting enables them to experience the power of collective intelligence through conversation as a group. More than 90 people from 24 countries gathered for WCE’s first European Gathering held in Dresden (Germany) to discuss the issue of innovation.


WCE’S Symposium is a unique conference format on topics related to the meaning of conversation.  Current research, projects and developments in the advancement of dialogue in society inform the conference’s content. One of the highlights of the Symposium is an interactive large group conversation among the participants. The catalyst for the conference’s thematic dialogue is a talk by a prominent thought leader.