Become a Masterful Practitioner Page

Would like to master how to
design, facilitate and document
a World Café?

Society (and WCE) need more people like you!

WCE has departed from a traditional approach of offering courses about the World Café. Our experience has shown that the best way to learn is by doing. This understanding established the foundation for the development of WCE’S one-of-a-kind learning by doing coaching and mentoring program.  Upon acceptance into the program, apprentices become an integral member of a WCE team which is working on real-life World Café initiatives. From the very beginning, WCE’s coaching and mentoring program offers apprentices hands-on experience and promotes the acquisition of know-how directly from coaches and mentors who have a deep understanding of the process.

As with any skill, mastery requires practice. Should you decide to embark on this journey towards mastery with us, the first level of certification requires a commitment to be part of a WCE team for 3 different World Cafés. To discover more about our Masterful Practitioner process, click here.

Learning never ends at WCE.  We strive to constantly add to our capabilities and skills. No matter how experienced a practitioner may be, there is always more to learn.  We build coaching and mentoring into every WCE team. The ultimate goal of mastery is to be able to coach and mentor others.