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A non-profit organization with
European Focus

We are an emerging group of engaged individuals from all over Europe who are committed to foster the use of dialogue. World Café Europe provides interested as well as experienced individuals the opportunity to contribute to the on-going development of the WORLD CAFÉ by providing cutting-edge forums in which to try out new approaches in real-life environments.

What kinds of activities does World Café Europe initiate?

  • The development of a virtual network in the form of a interactive website
  • The planning and realization of a yearly World Café European Gathering about questions which are of significance for Europe. These Gatherings foster the exchange of World Café “Best Practices”. The location of the Gathering rotates on a yearly basis to another EU country.
  • The testing of new technologies which can be used to foster a virtual dialogue in the spirit of the World Café.
  • The dissemination of information about the World Café in the form of books, videos, publications and/or research projects.
  • The management of a European database of practitioners who have interest and expertise in the World Café process such as World Café hosts and graphic recorders.

World Café Europe e.V. was established as non-profit organization in December 2006. It is a registered non-profit organization with the German government authorities (Amtsgericht München URNr. 3090/2006 – VR 200743).