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Benefit from our know-how and years of experience

World Café Europe offers the following services to help you maximize your World Café’s impact.


Coaching Services:
Helping to make your World Café more effective
  • Telephone Coaching

    Through a series of telephone coaching calls to help fine-tune your dialogue, we review your idea for the use of a World Café, your initial design and your infrastructure requirements

  • Personal Coaching

    We provide on-site personal coaching on your World Café concept, design, facilitation, idea harvesting methods and infrastructure requirements in order to optimize your World Café experience

  • Coaching and Mentoring of Facilitators

    On-site personal coaching focuses on the enhancement of specific facilitation skills essential to maximize the effectiveness of your World Café

Implementation Services:
Creating the optimal World Café experience

  • Design and Facilitation of your World Café

    World Café Europe’s experienced practitioners plan and design your World Café experience based on your goals and requirements. We tailor-design your World Café dialogue, coordinate the infrastructure requirements with your staff and/or meeting facility and facilitate the World Café on-site. Our pan-European experience enables us to work in all major European languages

  • Documentation of Participant Input and Results

    World Café Europe designs dialogues which create results. Based on your participant feedback, we analyze this input. This is the basis for a written and visual documentation of your World Cafés’ results and recommendations. A personal presentation of these outcomes provides the platform for an in-depth discussion of their practical consequences and implementation.

  • Building in-house Capacity

    A unique program has been designed especially for internal facilitators. This program develops the in-house capability to conceive and realize effective World Cafés independently.  A series of modules held with in-house personnel provides a solid foundation to World Café Europe’s unique approach to the World Café process. This in-depth overview is enhanced through personalized coaching on the specific large group facilitation skills which are required for designing and hosting successful World Cafés.

Design Support Services
Enhancing your World Café during the Planning Phase

  • Invitation Strategy

    To host a meaningful World Café, the right people need to be in the room to realize the purpose of your dialogue. As a result, it is key that your World Café concept is properly aligned with your intended stakeholder group(s). World Café Europe assists you to define the right stakeholders for your World Café and develop a strategy to ensure an optimal mix of participants

  • Stakeholder Input

    A World Café requires a collective time investment of all participants. World Café Europe uses both telephone interviews and focus groups of select stakeholders to inform your World Café’s conceptual development to create more powerful and effective World Cafés

  • Branding Your World Café

    There are numerous opportunities to make your World Café’s ‘look and feel’ to be in alignment with your organization’s corporate design. World Café Europe identifies these possibilities to reflect your CD and manages the production of these custom materials.

Documentation Services:
Enhancing your World Café during the Implementation Phase
  • Graphic Recording and Idea Documentation

    Capturing the ideas and collective wisdom of the participants through graphic recording and idea documentation (also known as harvesting) broadens the impact of a World Café. World Café Europe designs original approaches to visualize participants’ output ranging from classical graphic recording in multiple languages to the development of creative idea harvesting techniques inspired by your World Café design.

  • Evaluation of the Impact of a World Café

    World Café Europe uses both lo-tech and hi-tech methods to measure the impact of your World Café dialogue. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used to collect participants’ feedback which provides the basis for an in-depth data analysis of the quality and impact of your World Café.

  • Video Documentation  and Live-Streaming

    World Café Europe has pioneered the use of video to create a real-time documentation of World Café dialogues. By aligning the storyboard and editing process with your World Cafés’ intent, we create a communication vehicle about the character of your dialogue, impact on participants, results and recommendations. Multi-language versions with sub-titles can be created as required.