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To create a yearly European Meeting

World Café Europe would like to advance a new culture of conversation throughout Europe which enables people from all walks of life to discover their creative and innovative spirit. The annual World Café European Gathering is designed to enable participants to experience the power of conversations about questions that matter.


The following links provide detailed information on the 1st World Café European Gathering – Dresden 2007:

Program Dresden 2007 pdf

Dresden Hosting Team pdf

Visual documentation Inviting Innovation pdf

Written documentation of Inviting Innovation pdf

Documentary of 1st World Café European Gathering (Video)


Through the use of a variety of communication formats, the Gathering promotes an intensive exchange of information and know-how. It provides the participants with the opportunity to actively participate in a culture of dialogue and experience the collective wisdom which emerges from these conversations.

To invite European citizens to participate in World Café conversations

World Café Europe would like to invite Europe’s communities and its citizens to become more familiar with the World Café process. Towards this end, World Café Europe collaborates with local institutions, organizations and interest groups to design and host World Café conversations on important topics for these groups.

To create a forum of World Café “Best Practice”

World Café Europe would like to promote “Best Practice” of the use of the World Café. It would like to play an active role in the further development of this kind of dialogue practice throughout Europe. A large scale World Café conversation is a key element of the annual World Café European Gathering. During this forum, World Café “Best Practice” is experienced first-hand by the participants. In addition, the Gathering provides an opportunity to explore new ideas and processes within the World Café format.

To explore the meaning of the guiding principles of the World Café

World Café Europe would like to deepen the understanding about the seven key principles of the World Café. Through “Coffee-Shop” conversations which are held during the Gathering, both newcomers as well as experienced World Café hosts are invited to explore aspects of the World Café’s key principles and discuss their significance for effective dialogue.